Negotiations between Dutch universities and scholarly publishing giant Elsevier regarding unaffordable subscription fees and open access have ‘ground to a halt’. In other Elsevier news, two of its major brands, Cell Press and The Lancet, have joined forces to launch a new open access journal, EBioMedicine. The broad-spectrum journal will publish research papers covering the entire breadth of life […]

What has been happening in the world of Open Access in the last week? We’ve been actively promoting our Thunderclap campaign, and have been fortunate to receive incredible support, reaching over one million people. Thank you to all who added their contribution! There are still 4 days left till the launch of the new Open […]

What has been happening in the world of Open Access in the last week? We’re launching the new Open Access Button on Tuesday October 21st! Our website and app as it is now is will temporarily disappear, don’t worry though it’ll be back in Open Access Week! As we prepare for the upcoming Open Access […]

The past 18 months has been incredible. We have gone from an idea to a really useful, workable bookmarklet which has helped track thousands of people running into paywalls. Our bookmarklet was great, we love it but we want to grow and make the Open Access Button better, we’re launching the new Open Access Button […]

This week we interviewed Melanie Dulong de Rosnay, a permanent researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) Institute for Communication Sciences and a visiting Fellow at London School of Economics and Political Science Department of Media and Communications. Melanie was also the cofounder and former legal lead of Creative Commons France. During […]