#bmjhack Storify

Last weekend, we took our open access button idea to the BMJ Hack and we built a protoype. We storify’d the weekend here. Who knew you could have so much fun? Indoors, on the hottest weekend of the year.


  1. A great idea (if you ask me) for the #bmjhack oabutton.wordpress.com . Lets shake up publishing a bit!
  2. We’ve now got a github for the @oa_button to aid development github.com/OAButton #bmjhack
  3. Have discovered a way to link DOI to university repositories, we have the code too. #bmjhack epic win for oa_button.
  4. Hey Twitter, is there any big (MASSIVE) list of DOI prefixes and the journals they correlate to? cc @cameronneylon @Mcarthur_Joe #bmjhack
  5. Just seen the first prototype of @oa_button from start to finish, working, on a live site. #bmjhack
  6. The @OA_Button team, minus me and @davidecarroll working into the night. We have a map now #bmjhack pic.twitter.com/uk5UVzpr0A
  7. Turns out there is a place called undefined in Barcelona which has been throwing off our code @oa_button for some time now #bmjhack
  8. Epic. @Mcarthur_Joe @davidecarroll: RT @OA_Button: Our project – the short version wp.me/p3I9wM-h #bmjhack #hack4ac
  9. “@OA_Button: Our project – short version wp.me/p3I9wM-h” < could be fun, interesting and useful… #openaccess
  10. Really warm outside and inside but still an amazing turnout for day2 of #bmjhack final countdown for show and tell pic.twitter.com/77APwr6cOc
  11. @zotero We’d like to use translators in @OA_button to extract metadata from journals. What’s the best way to that in a 3rd party app/site?
  12. Andy Murray wins #wimbledon but there’s better results at #bmjhack
  13. And congratulations to Andy Murray who has won top hack at #bmjhack
  14. YES! RT@rewiredstate: #bmjhack Open Access Button – has taken on all challenges at the hack day in 30 hours!!! pic.twitter.com/mXQdkhsINU
  15. #bmjhack Open Access Button – have made a map of frustration featuring pingu! Trying to find open access pic.twitter.com/vUatVZrrvd
  16. RT @sharonecw: Constipated penguin denied access to scholarly pursuits at #bmjhack but may be saved by an oa button
  17. I’ve just used the word “amazeballs” in relation to one of the hacks #bmjhack Hope we can do something with it.
  18. Special mentions for NLP bham feedback app, MediCal, Medical Now & PageRank #bmjhack
  19. TeamSGUL (@jonjhilton & @puntofisso) with @danielinniss, @kfouwels & @Kush_Depala win 2nd prize at #bmjhack and get mention on BMJ! Awesome!
  20. #bmjhack 1st prize = BP monitoring app by @amcunningham – many congratulations!
  21. Thanks to @andylolz, @nicholascwng, @frathgeber and Elliot for building me.Thanks to all those on twitter who’ve given suggestions #bmjhack
  22. I think I can speak for both of us when I say we’ve been overwhelmed with the support for @OA_Button #bmjhack cc @Mcarthur_Joe
  23. Great weekend for @R2RC! Aussie med students @yourAMSA join R2RC, & rockstar @medsinuk students develop @OA_Button at #bmjhack. Stay tuned!

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