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Everyone has hit a paywall. Each person hitting a paywall is an indictment of our current scholarly publishing system. We can’t settle for living in a broken system, where people are denied access to research they need, and ultimately paid for.

Our project is a browser-based tool which tracks how often people are denied access to academic research. The tool also knows where in the world they are, their profession and why they were looking for that research. The tool combines this information into one place and creates a real time, worldwide, interactive map of the problem. The integration of social media a allows us to make this problem visible to the world. We also help the person gain access to the paper they’ve been denied access to in the first place. Together this creates a really powerful tool.

At the moment we’re making a test button to show our idea works. On the horizon is our launch and long term development of the button.

Now we need your help, we want students (both undergraduate and postgraduate, from all subjects) from all over the world to join us. The Open Access Button will be international and we want the support network to be truly international too. So if you’re in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe or anywhere in between, get in touch.

Working on the Open Access Button will involve a reasonable time commitment, regular calls and possibly international travel. Each team member will have a primary area of work alongside broader strategic work on the project. You’ll be joining a hardworking, but laid back and fun team. We are looking for people to join our team on a voluntary basis, the roles include:

Social Media and Publicity Lead


Funding Lead

If you want to apply please complete the short form below. All students, both undergraduate and postgraduate for all disciplines are welcome to apply. Regional representation on the project is highly desirable. Deadline for applications is Monday 30th September at 11.59pm BST. Any questions please email us at



  1. Bashir M. Maru · · Reply

    My name is Bashir Muhammad Maru and currently the National President of Nigerian Medical Students’ Association (NiMSA). I am a 6th year Medical Student at Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, Nigeria. I am a member of HIFA2015 and very passionate about open access to research because it is the foundation upon which modern and innovative medicine could a breakthrough by avoiding needless morbidity and mortality with the right information available to physicians. I am more than willing and ready to take any active role in Open access to research button.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for your interest. If you’re looking to get involved, would you be able to complete the short application form above.


  3. Hi. Is the code for the OA Button going to be open source? I couldn’t find any information about it on the site. (Actually, what I was hoping was that I’d find a link to the in-progress code already open sourced & accessible in some public repository… 🙂 ).

    …wait, okay, I think I found it: But it was only at the bottom of one particular blog post (, so I just got lucky stumbling across it.

    -Karl Fogel

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