Join the Open Access Button Student Team!

The Open Access Button is a browser bookmarklet that tracks and maps the impacts of paywalls. Users can report when they are denied access to research and then search for alternative access to the article using the Button.  We launched the Open Access Button in November 2013 at the Berlin 11 Student and Early Stage Researcher Conference. To date the Button has mapped over 5000 paywalls. This is a small taste of what we are now building, but we need to expand the team in order to create the Button 2.0.

Working on the Button will require a reasonable time commitment, regular calls, regular internet access and may involve international travel. We welcome and encourage applications from across the world and from undergraduate/postgraduate students of all backgrounds. We strive to ensure that team members have access to training they need to do their roles. You’ll be joining a diverse, hardworking, but laid back and fun team.

We are actively recruiting for several positions – please find them below. Applications are due 10th March. Some are core team positions and require attendance at weekly team calls, being well versed in most areas of the project, and a higher workload than other roles. All positions are voluntary. Don’t hesitate to contact Joe on for any questions or to see where you might fit in the team.

If you think we’ve missed an area you think we need please email, tell us why and your application will be seriously considered.

Consultation Team
Consultation and Partnership Coordinator

Communications Team
Communications Coordinator
Press Coordinator
Communications Officer (2)
Graphic Designer

Community Team
Community and Advocacy Coordinator (2)

Funding Team
Treasury Assistant
Research Assistant (2)

Technology Team
Technology Assistant

Support Team
Secretary (2)



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