Upgrading the Open Access Button

A great blog post by Mozilla software engineer and Open Access Button Steering Committee member Vic on an Open Access Button upgrade coming soon.

this is not a regularly updated thing

The Open Access Button is getting an upgrade.

Back in January, I talked about extending the Open Access Button to capture links to open access journal papers.

That patch is going to go live real soon now.  There’s some minor tests I need to close off prior to launch but we’re closing in on that.  You can see the on the OAButton github repository.

Once this patch is live, we’re going to start collecting links for Open Access versions of publications and start sharing those with people.

This works pretty simply – the first time a pay wall is hit for a paper, we will now try to determine the author email address and then notify the author that the research is unavailable to the public.

We provide a link that the author can click on to submit an open version of their paper.

Every time someone hits the…

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