Join the launch!

We’re launching the new Open Access Button during Open Access Week.
Help us make it big!

Launching the updated Open Access Button and Mobile App
Last November we launched the Open Access Button beta.  This Open Access Week, after months of tireless work, we’ll be launching the new, updated version of the Open Access Button and an all new companion mobile app. The launch will take place during Open Access Week with events across the world (with your help) and a official launch and press Q+A in London on Tuesday, October 21st. Building the Button would’ve been impossible without the help of the community, and once again we need the community’s support to make it a success.

How you can be part of the Button’s Launch
You can participate in the Open Access Button launch in two main ways. First, you can incorporate the Button into events you’re already doing or put on a dedicated event!

Some ways you can incorporate the launch into your Open Access Week events:
Are you doing a presentation on Open Access? Simply mention the Open Access Button at the end.
Are you a librarian that wants to share the Button? Set up laptops and tablets in your library and invite users to test out our updated web app and new mobile app.
Are you hosting a panel discussion on Open Access? We may have a team member in your area that could attend!
Get a group of friends together and watch the London launch livestream.

If you want to host a standalone launch event you can do anything from a simple presentation to inviting us along to speak, or think more innovatively about how to get the Button in front of people. For presentations the easiest way to do this is by showing our videos, demonstrating how the Button works and telling people about the story behind it (all of which we’ll help you do), but you can also think bigger!

Whether you are part of the Button’s launch in a small or big way, it’s about getting the Button in front of people, demonstrating what it does and getting people excited!

How we’ll support you!
Each event host will be assigned a team member to help with event planning, so we’re happy to chat through ideas with you – but this is your event. We’ll also provide you with materials and anything else you need to do an event. You can host the event in any way that suits your institution or community.

Act now!

  • If you’ve got 5 minutes:
    • Join and share the thunderclap
    • Share this page with your nearest library and ask them if they’ll do something!
  • If you’ve got 30 minutes:
    • Talk about the Open Access Button at your launch event
    • Get a friend excited about the Open Access Button
  • If you’ve got a few hours:
    • Host an event during Open Access Week about the Button
    • See if there are events on near you and ask to go and talk about the Open Access Button

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