Open Access Button Launch

We’re launching the new, updated version of the Open Access Button and new companion mobile app during Open Access Week. You know the frustration of finding the research paper you need, but you can’t afford the $40 to access it. That’s why the Open Access Button exists.

The Open Access Button helps you in two ways. First it helps you get the research you want right now, and adds papers you still need to your wishlist. Then when you’ve got the articles you need, completed all of your work and you are ready to publish – the app helps you make your work Open Access and reach the people who can make an impact with your work.

Official Launch Event

Please join us in celebrating the launch of the Open Access Button. The official launch and press Q&A event will be held in London on Tuesday 21st October at JISC’s London headquarters. We’ll give a brief introduction to the Open Access Button, followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion. The talk and Q+A will run approximately 30 minutes and will also be livestreamed on RSVP to the in person or livestreamed event on Eventbrite.

Act now!

  • If you’ve got 5 minutes:
    • Join and share the Thunderclap
    • Share this page with your nearest library and ask them if they’ll do something!
  • If you’ve got 30 minutes:
    • Talk about the Open Access Button at your launch event
    • Get a friend excited about the Open Access Button
  • If you’ve got a few hours:
    • Host an event during Open Access Week about the Button
    • See if there are events on near you and ask to go and talk about the Open Access Button

Please e-mail if you have any questions about the launch or if you’re interested in incorporating the Open Access Button into your Open Access Week events.



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